Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The XProTeX Batting Glove: 9 out of 10 Rating!

A new batting glove, called the XProTeX batting glove, is just coming into the market.  It combines the grip and comfort players are used to with a higher level of protection against pitches hitting their hands.

The gloves have a flexible layer of an impact-absorbing, rubber-like composite placed strategically where pitches are most likely to hit.

XProTeX representatives say the gloves reduce the impact of a player being hit by a 100 mph pitch to the equivalent of 39 mph, decreasing the chances of significant injury to the hands and wrist. That kind of protection is at least three times higher than what's currently available. Prices range from $35 to $80 for a pair.

The thirteen year-old son if a friend of mine who is currently playing baseball tried this out.  He gives these gloves a 9 out of 10.  His feedback is as follows:  "I used the batting gloves and I have to say they look pretty cool. On the outside it looks like a lot of padding and protection is put into each glove. However the interior of the glove doesn't look so fantastic. The padding is being held by a net that shows the actual padding on the inside. Also my hands are the same size as some of my classmates and my dad, so in other words rather large. If anybody intends on getting these gloves be sure to purchase the right size because my hands would have trouble getting into it. The first time I wore these gloves it was a little snug but it soon stretched out to a more comfortable fit, but it was still hard to wrap around my hands. Protection-wise these gloves can probably endure dozens of hard slides on a rough surface. Also it sort of changed how I bat. I used to bat so that my hands would be on the end of the handle. However the extra padding made a space in-between my hands and the end of the bat. This took a little getting used to but thats just a personal complaint. Altogether I give these gloves a 9.0 out of 10 just because of personal issues with the gloves, however I still use them in all of my current baseball games."

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