Top Kid-Friendly TV Show 2010: #2 FOX "GLEE" by ParentGrapevine

The #2 show for Parentgrapevine was a tough one to determine.  There really are not that many that are truly kid friendly if we're not including Disney or Nickelodeon networks.  Due to sexual enuendo or violence, we did not have that much to choose from.  But our number two pick is Fox's "GLEE".  Last year we found ourselves watching as a family and laughing at the plot line, and the ever hilarious Sue Sylvester, the Cherios gym teacher with a bite bigger than a lion's.  However, this year there is more sexual content and risky business involved.  Just look at the recent controversial cover of GQ.

However, the music is what keeps our family coming back for more.  They mash the best of icons including Britney Spears, Madonna, broadway hits and interweave a thin plot that teens can vaguely relate to.  Last year they had more of a plot than they seem to be showing this year, but the music keeps us tuned in.  However, if the plot line continues on its thin course, we may start tuning out and just listen to the downloads rather than watch a show that may be going down the tubes.  For now, though, it is our #2 as long as the plot thickens.