Top Kid-Friendly TV Show 2010: #1 NBC's "CHUCK" by ParentGrapevine

The first few episodes of the new Fall TV 2010 season are out.  Here at Parent Grapevine we have our Top Kid-Friendly TV Shows suitable for ages 12 and above.  We will list our top five shows of the season, one at a time each week.  Sadly, we don't have ten shows that we like enough so our numbers are limited.  Our first pick of the season is:
  1. Our #1 pick is NBC's "Chuck".  This is its fourth season, but it's taken awhile to build a steady audience.  Every family we know who tunes into this show loves that everyone, from 11 to 88 can "chuck"le at it.  There are some slightly racy scenes between Chuck and his girlfriend spy Sarah, but your child has probably seen more  skin if they've ever gone to the beach.  Chuck is based on a computer geek, Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi) in this very funny NBC combination of comedy, fantasy, espionage, and nerdisms. Chuck is the Head Nerd Herd staffed by "socially challenged" individuals.  Through technical wizardry Chuck inherits a wealth of top-secret government information that "Flashes" before his eyes. Chuck's cohorts include Sarah Walker (Yvonne Starhovski), a sexy super-spy whose mission it was to keep his newly-obtained secrets out of the hands of the enemy. Also in the cast and our family fav, Adam Baldwin, who plays as irascible CIA boss Maj. John Casey, Joshua Gomez as Chuck's goofy best friend Morgan Grimes, Sarah Lancaster as Chuck's troublesome sister Ellie and her  Mr. Awesome husband (for the ladies), played by Ryan McPartlin (who to our family, often steals every scene he's in).
Stay tuned as we name our second pick, but it's a toughie.   Intelligent, family worthy shows are just so limited these days!