Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hands Free-MEANS Hands-Free

Police are cracking down with regard to California's Cell Phone Law (currently 7 states have cell phone laws).  One of our regular Go to Gals was caught last week breaking this law--and she wasn't talking with her phone up to her ear.   She was using the speaker feature and had the phone held low in her lap. Unfortunately, not low enough for she was spotted by a local policeman and fined $140.00.  So beware, hands free means HANDS FREE. 

On that note, I am very happy with the Jabra Cruiser.  It is an in car speaker phone that works great.  I've had mine for 2 months  (given to me at the SVMoms Holiday Blogger event) and I have yet to recharge it.  The sound quality is good but can be a bit scratchy, but overall it works well  (I think most hands free devices have occasional sound issues which may be due to cellular coverage).

And remember for the past year California has also had a No Text law where writing, sending, or reading a text-based communication while driving is also against the law.

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