Thursday, January 7, 2010

For the Love of Staples!

Who knew shopping at Staples could be so much fun?  A few months ago, a new Staples store opened in my area (off of Stevens Creek Boulevard in Cupertino, California).  I started a new company last year with my fellow blogging partner so our business requires a few office supplies.  But it turns out my children love shopping there and looking for bargains and fun items for school.

I joined the Staples Rewards program, which adds points to your membership for the dollars you spend. But, you can also rack up to $30 in reward money by simply turning in your used laser and ink cartridges to the store on a quarterly basis.  It's not hard to save those empty ink cartridges, and those reward points start accumulating!

This week at Staples, there are a number of FREE items including up to 4 Avery Heavy-Duty View Binders (you will get 100% of your money back in reward money), FREE Scotch Pop-Up Desk Grip Tape, and FREE Pentel Hyper G Retractable Gel Pens.  Some of these items you pay for up front, but you simply go to the Staples Easy Rebate website and enter them in quickly and painlessly.  Doing it this way rather than mailing them in is faster, easier and you get your rebate check in the mail sooner.

My partner and I are in the photography business, and supplies including CD/DVD jewel cases, DVD-Rs, CD-Rs, envelopes, mailers, labels, photo paper are all available.  For my children, they get all sorts of school supplies.

All I can say is, "That was Easy!"

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