Thursday, July 23, 2009

WAT-AAH Review

For you moms and dads out there who are struggling with smart food and beverage choices, we are happy to give our TWO SHOPPING BAGS seal of approval by GoToGals. Eight of our children have tested a new drink called WAT-AAH. Created and developed by a mom who was tired of watching her kids guzzle sugary, colored drinks, soda and gatorade, she teamed with other moms and children to brand a pure and simple premium drink made for kids and give it a cool moniker, cool enough to scream "WAT-AAH".

WAT-AAH is not sold in all grocery stores just yet. But you can always purchase a case on . Coming later this year, it will be carried in over 29 states including Whole Foods. To quench your children's thirst this summer - try the WAT-AAH challenge and provide your normal array of beverages but include WAT-AAH in the mix. Soon you'll see that your children will reach for WAT-AAH more and more because it is simple and pure 100% spring water. There are four typs of water including WAT-AAH Energy (+ oxygen); WAT-AAH Bones (+ magnesium); WAT-AAH Brain (+ electrolytes); and WAT-AAH Body (pure spring water).

Catch a cool video my children made on their own. Now they're all screaming for more WAT-AAH!

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