Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Activeion Winners Announced!

About 2 months ago we wrote an article about Activeion, on our sister parentgrapevine blog. We've been actively showing our friends and family how to use this wonderful cleaning product. Having used it for almost two months now, I have to say I am a total convert. I no longer use the expensive granite countertop cleaners, nor do I use the bleach products like 409 or window cleaners like Windex. Instead, on the same battery charge when I first took my Activeion out of the box, I merely use tap water from my kitchen faucet and clean, clean, clean away. This has to be the simplest and safest product out there on the market. I don't just talk the talk, we spray the spray daily and it gets our kitchen sparkling clean every time.

Suzanne O's children happily accept their winning Activeion

On our June 5th blog we wrote about our contest to give two Activeion bottles away. We are happy to announce our winners. They are Carole H. and Suzanne O. from Saratoga, California. We received many entries and asked folks to describe their cleaning problems and concerns. Many people do not like products which use heavy chemicals and can "burn" the hairs off your nose! They also leave a film and strong odor that pets and people have to put up with. But welcome to the Activeion world, where tap water from your faucet can be actively charged with ions, sterilize the countertops and leave your stainless steel appliances streak-free. For more information on Activeion, please visit their website at

Activeion receives the GoToGals "Two Shopping Bags" seal of approval, meaning we highly recommend this product to our readers. Safe for families and pets and does the job it promotes.

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