Saturday, June 6, 2009

Wisk HE--Review

When the opportunity came up to review and try Wisk HE, I was excited to be asked but a bit hesitant. I'm a loyal user of another well known brand mainly because I LOVE the scent it leaves on my clothes. I figured that Wisk HE would probably clean just as well but I wasn't so sure that that it would meet my olfactory standards. I'm a sucker for a fresh, clean scent that lasts! Well you know what, Wisk passed the test. It preformed great. My son's heavily soiled socks came out nice and white (that boy needs to wear his shoes when he plays outside). And my freshly laundered clothes smelled terrific. Even days later the clothes I washed held the scent and smelled sooo good.

Wisk HE provides more information at Laundry HE, a new online site for those looking to learn more about high efficiency detergents and washing machines.

Reminder: Today is the last day to comment on our Wisk Giveway. So go ahead and click on the link and give us the dirt on how you do laundry.

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