Friday, May 29, 2009

CONTEST - Wisk HE (High Energy) Detergent

A few weeks back, I wrote about my family's inability to distinguish when I used name brand detergent or store brand. Well-we've learned a ton more about detergent since I wrote that post called "No Nose for Laundry".

Due to that blog, we'd like to have you test your own nose for detergent and your clothes washer. Did you know HE stands for High Energy? Check out this SITE to learn more. Perfect for Front Loading washing machines, but this detergent can also be used in your older machines. Just click on the word "Comments" to link you to the comment form and tell us these 3 things: (1) What detergent you currently use, (2) Why you use it (cheapest, smell great, cleans my clothes, etc.)and lastly (3) optional, any of your funny laundry stories. We'll randomly pick 3 winners on June 6th to win a free bottle of Wisk HE detergent. It will be mailed directly to your home. And you don't have to have a new front loading washer to use HE detergent! So write a comment and win! Just be sure we have a way to contact you in case you're a winner!


  1. I was buying my detergent at Costco. I made such a mess with those big heavy bottles that don't fit in the cabinet. I then bought something that was eco friendly, just to feel cool. I'm not loyal to any brand. I don't think you get attached like you do with shampoo.

    I add biz to every load because my boys stain everything they wear and my mother in law says it works. I double rinse everything because I hope that it will rinse off more yuck! The best laundry detergent is the one I don't have to use.

    I hate doing laundry!

  2. Hey Everyone--post your comment and include an email (Zach Owens--I know who you are) so we can email you if you are the winner. If you'd prefer not to have your email listed, then just drop us a note at letting us know you participated.

  3. I don't know why it came up with Zach's name instead of mine. I tried to fix it but couldn't figure it out!

  4. Laundry is a part of my life. I do laundry at the salon 3 to 4 times a day then go home do more laundry. Laundry seems to grow everywhere. As far as which detergent I have used you name it I try it. From Gain, Purex, Tide, Cheer, Eco Friendly, All, Arm & Hammer.....I try it all. All detergent to me is all the same. I truly believe in double rinse and pre soak if you need to get rid of stain. I know all detergent does the same so I just pick for the fresh scent that I like.

    I can't say that I hate laundry but I loathe laundry each and every load !

  5. Tide HE or Whisk HE. We have the front loaders and have always used HE because I heard we may get "bubble" overflow otherwise.

    I can relate to loathing of laundry... it seems like a *never-ending* chore in our household. Best story is when hubby tried to help me by doing laundry for me one weekend, and somehow managed to wash my lipstick with the load of whites! Don't ask why or how. But let me tell you, no detergent gets lipstick out of your clothes!!

  6. I'm currently using Gain. I use it because it does a great job and it smells fantastic. I don't have any funny laundry stories, mine are all stories of aggravation! Lots and lots of aggravation.
    Thanks for the giveaway!


  7. I used ALL. No particular reason, I just love the smell. Also, living in a condo, it's easiest to take the 3x power ALL around than a huge bottle of detergent. LOVE THE BLOG! KEEP IT UP!

  8. I use Persil and Miele's brand since we got their front loading washer/dryer last year. My funny laundry story is that when my dryer died about 2 years ago, my solution was to remodel the whole laundry room and kids bathroom. After installing the new washer and dryer, the dryer didn't work. My contractor was convinced that it was a bad dryer. I was skeptical since we never checked out why the old dryer didn't work in the first place -- no where else to plug it in. Turned out to be a blown circuit breaker (not the old dryer). So after 6 months of dragging all our clothes to the laundromat, I don't mind doing the laundry again. The only part I hate is when the kids leave things like crayons in their pockets and they're not discovered until they've melted all over everything in the dryer. I think the kids have finally outgrown those green spotted clothes!!

  9. I use Tide--love the smell. There is something about that fresh downy scent that makes my toes curl. :)


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