Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Jabra-Ca-Dabra! Jabra Wireless Headsets for the Mobile Mom

Go To Gals, of Parent Grapevine, was invited to a wonderful luncheon  hosted by Jabra US.  Jabra, if you haven't heard by now, is the leading maker of wireless (and wired) bluetooth headsets. 

Being Mobile Moms - and you  know you are - it's critical to be in touch but hands free.  Not only is it necessary when you are in your car to be hands-free, but as most of us moms know, we never have enough hands to get things done throughout our day.

If we're not grocery shopping and having our hands full carrying bags from our car to the kitchen; carrying small babies, blogging or loaded up with paperwork from the office, - we just need more hands to get everything done. 

So, get yourself a Jabra wireless headset - and might we recommend the cool little Jabra Stone?  See how cool looking this is next to my iPhone and iPad?  This cool little device comes in a compact stone-sized recharger that fits nicely in your pocket, handbag or briefcase.  I've been testing it out for the past 24 hours.
After charging it up, I paired it with my iPhone and with a simple tap of the headset called a few numbers to test it out. 

At first, it took some getting used to, - there's a difference between "tapping", "pressing", and even "touching" the headset for different purposes.  By sliding your finger up or down the side of the headset, you can control the volume.  But if you press it, you might hang up your call accidentally.  Or, when you put the headset on, you might inadvertently dial the last number you called (one of the 'features' of the headset, memory recall). 

While that may sound like the device has some nuances to get used to, it does.  But what technical device isn't without a few things to get used to?  I often "butt dial" from my iPhone when I take it out of my purse or pocket unknowingly.  And who recalls someone who had a VCR that flashed 12:00 because the could never figure out how to set the clock?

That being said, once you get used to the workings of the Jabra Stone, you will find that you love the wireless feature and the clarity.  Talking to a few friends today they could not tell I was on a headset.  Making calls from my car was simple and I love how light and sleek it looks (just needs a bit of flashy bling to it). 

So check it out, and get yourself a nice wireless headset to get more things done with just two hands!

We were provided with a few more products which we will share on our blog.  If you have questions about these Jabra products, drop a comment and we'll get it answered for you!  We hope to test a new Skype-ready device soon, something that will make calling our college student a whole lot easier.

Get the Stone - Jabra-Dabbra-Doooo!

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  1. Jabra products have good sound but are not user friendly. I like the new look og the white earpiece but if it doesn't bend to fit around your ear there is no way you can bend your head without it flying off.


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