Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Soccer Camp--Spots Still Available

If you are looking for something to keep your kids active during these last few weeks of summer (you know, get them away from the Wii and DS), I highly recommend checking out the US Soccer Coaching's, Saratoga Summer Soccer Camp.  

My kids are not ones who enjoy going to camp--they prefer hanging out at home (I'm sure you can guess what they are doing), but they LOVE this camp.  It is the first time that they've done any organized camp or sport where they were actually excited to go.  This is truly a first for me!

The coaches are terrific--they are very friendly and quick to connect with the kids.  They keep the kids engaged with soccer skill drills, scrimmages, and games.   My gang of 4 are learning and improving their skills and having fun while doing it.  And again, no complaining!  

Space is still available at the Saratoga Summer Soccer Camp, located at Congress Springs in Saratoga, August 9-13th for kids ages 3-13.  Their rates are very reasonable ranging from $75-$250 for the week (prices vary by age and 1/2 day or full day camp).  Click here for more information.

US Soccer Coaching also offers a variety of soccer programs in the fall.  For their fall program schedule visit US Soccer Coaching's website.  

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