Thursday, July 1, 2010

WAT-AAH:- Check out this Free Giveaway!

Moms, what (rather WAT) are your kids drinking during these hot, humid summer days?  For quite a while now I've steered away from sugary soft drinks and high calorie juices for my children.  Those types of drinks promote diabetes and overweight kids.  Now, there's a wonderful natural drink kids will love that's got some added extra benefits - WAT-AAH

Right now we are giving away a free mixed case filled with WAT-AAH! including Brain, Energy, Power and Body along with some awesome WAT-AAH! Goodies (Stickers, tattoos, pencils etc...).

To enter please provide a comment to this blog with your email address.   We will have a drawing at the end of July and hopefully you will be our winner!

Also follow WAT-AAH ON TWITTER! and BECOME A FAN on Facebook! Check out the Show Me WAT-YOU-GOT contest for some amazing prizes just by uploading your video displaying your awesome talent!  Show us WAT YOU GOT!


  1. Great product. Something I really should give my kids int his HOTT weather. I am From Upstate NY it is about 100 this week and all my kids seem to be asking for is more soda, lemonade and of course ice cream. Thank god something that they might drink that is actually good for them.

  2. losangelesmamma[at]gmail[dot]com

  3. I'll have to check this out. I hate giving the kids Gatorade - WAY too much sugar.

  4. Hi- Jill from Maryland and its been wicked. hot here. I have 4 kids and they dont always realize how hot it is when they are playing outside! Some days it has even been too hot for our pool! Yes to Wat-aah!


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