Wednesday, April 7, 2010

ThermaTherapy - Bed Buddy Products!

My husband recently had some major surgery that involved a number of incisions in his abdominal area.  While we were in the hospital, the surgical assistant advised us to use heat pads to aid in his recovery and healing time.  I was fortunate enough to receive a wonderful ThermaTherapy product called Bed Buddy and we were able to test this to see how it worked.

First of all, what we immediately liked about this product is it is portable and does not require any form of electrical wiring like other typical heating pads that you plug in and switch to varying heat strengths.  This is a natural herbal remedy, which you simply put in the microwave, heat for 90 seconds, and it's good to go for about 1 hour.

The fabric is a nice, plush, washable fabric that feels gentle against your skin.  In addition to the neck area,  there are two-pocket hand warmers.  After my husband's operation, since he was not able to move as much as normal, his extremities did not have as much circulation as he normally would so these pocket warmers came in very handy.  He was also able to use the Bed Buddy on his abdomin to relieve his surgical pain.  We were amazed how easy, portable and effective the ThermaTherapy Bed Buddy product was for our post-surgical needs. 

Knowing how effective this was to use, you can imagine how wonderful it would be to use for a ski-trip in the winter, or a water-ski vacation in the summer.  After you have all your fun swooshing down those slopes and skirting around the bouys, you can relax your aches and pains with this wonderful and affordable product.  You can purchase these at, and Walmart.  Ahh, I'm enjoying it right now after a nice pilates workout!

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