Friday, February 12, 2010

This Week's RETHINK WHAT MATTERS: Public Displays of Affection

With Valentine's Day upon us, and love and affection abounding, it's time to rethink public displays of affection.  When you were a tad younger, and perhaps before kids, did you and your partner freely display your affection for one another, only to tone it down after you got married and daily life and screaming babies become the norm?

How many of you have a regular "Date Night" with your husband?  How many of you feel that it is important to get away from the tedium of being a mom, employee and get out and have a nice evening with your honey, if even to grab a cup of coffee at the corner cafe to unwind and get in sync?

At Bare Escentuals, they have a wonderful new campaign to get you and your friends thinking about freedom, going 'bare' in public, rethinking what really matters.  Link to the RETHINK WHAT MATTERS site and take their quiz and see how your answers compare.  Then enter the weekly drawing where you could be an instant winner.  We'll have a drawing in the next week for a wonderful Bare Escentuals Foundation Kit, and hopefully capture a podcast of the delivery to the lucky winner.  Stay Tuned, and most of all - enter the contest, you could be a lucky winner!

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