Friday, January 22, 2010

Contest! Beautiful Keychains in time for Valentines!

How many of you have beat up keychains that you've had for years, that are worn out, cluttered and not too pretty?  Well here's your chance to enter a contest for a beautiful keychain such as the one pictured to the left.  Go To Gals has three beautiful key chains for three lucky winners! These keychains have been provided by and if you would like to get a 10% discount, please go to the link above, enter code vday2010, it expires February 16, 2010.

I was given the one pictured here since my business partner and I take photos for a living and live to take photos!  So this was a very appropriate one for us to choose.  It is extremely beautiful, has room for two photos, and closes with a magnetic latch.  Isn't it time you updated your keychain and had some updated photos to include?  Now when your friends ask how your kids are doing, what your pet dog looks like, how much hair your husband still has, you can just whip out your classy keychain and show them a new photo.  Your friends will be so impressed, they'll ask you where you got the keychain!  Our contest runs from January 22 through February 14th, Valentine's Day. 

To enter, email us at and tell us why you'd like to update your current ugly keychain with one from the choices below.  We'll even include engraving if you'd like to have your initials (except for the crystal keychain).  We will pick three entries out of a box and if you're a winner, we'll contact you to determine your selection from the choiced below, and we'll let you know how many characters you can engrave.  The keychains include:
Good luck - you may be one of our lucky winners who gets to update their keychain wardrobe!!

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  1. Mostly my key chain is the ugly minivan remote button. And I had a small sharpie hooked to it too, so I'd always have a writing implement with me, but the sharpie fell off somewhere and now I just have the stupid hook for it on my keys. I also have to carry keys around for the dance studio and stereo cabinet, so I actually have two sets of key chains in my purse. It would be nice to have a cool heart key chain, so I can carry around a picture of my kiddies ... that would be cuter than the ugly remote.


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