Friday, December 18, 2009

Losing my Sacks Sucks!

OK, I have to admit, when I lose something it's not a good thing.  I think about for days.  I have to think about where I lost it, what was going on at the time, and why did I do that?  It's not about the money, the item (well, it is about the item), or the wanting it back (well, it is about that, too).  It's how did that happen, why wasn't someone honest enough to bring it to lost and found, if possible?

About a month ago, while shopping for groceries, I left my entire purse in the grocery cart.  I could not believe I did something like that.  Fortunately I discovered my loss within minutes and rushed back to the store to see if anyone turned it in to "Lost and Found".  Fortunately a grocery clerk found the handbag in my cart when they collected the carts from outside to return to their pen.  They saw the relief on my face since my wallet, phone, extra keys were all in there.  Thank goodness someone turned that in and I retrieved it soon after my discovery. 

But more recently, I lost a wonderful gift I received at the SVMOMS Holiday Party. It was the Olive Smart Half Sacks.  As soon as I got them in November, I started using them right away.  I've always brought my own canvas bags with  me whenever I shop, I hate to collect unnecessary plastic or paper bags.  So when I got these wonderful Olive Smart Half Sacks, in their own little pouch that is designed to fit in the cup holder of your car, I was thrilled to use them right away and loved their convenient design.  Whenever I took them out for the grocery bagger, they always remarked how nice they were, and I felt great about doing my part and saving the environment.  The typical family probably uses 12 or more plastic or paper bags a week from everyday shopping.  That's at least 624 bags saved a year!  Plus, at Target and Safeway, you get a few cents back for every bag you use.  That can add up to $30.00 or so, which is nice chump change.  Not bad for doing something so easy.

In any case, I lost my precious Olive Smart Sacks when I was shopping at Target.  During the holiday rush of getting gifts, I tossed the Olive Smart Sacks in the shopping cart and forgot all about them.  I did not end up buying much at Target and therefore did not need the bags and left them in the cart.  I realized this soon after, but a very lucky shopper must have noticed them and now has their own set of beautiful bags to use.  My loss is someone else's gain. I sure hope they are enjoying using them.

Lesson learned?  Write your name on the pouch with a Sharpie.  Or add a carabiner to the drawstring of the pouch to clip to your handbag.  It will save you from losing something that you'll truly miss if you're like me, someone who does their daily part saving plastic after paper bag, and enjoying the rich look and feel of these Olive Smart Sacks instead of the various canvas bags with nerdy logos all over them that I've collected from too many trade shows over the years.

Time to go on line and purchase some more!  The best part is, they're on sale.  Six for $29.99 (they were $39) or three for $17.99 (they are usually $29).  Shop for your Olive Smart Bags here.

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