Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Great Gadget to Add to Your Holiday Shopping List

If you are looking for a terrific gift for the person who loves to cook, have I got an idea for you...The Bosch Mixxo.  This sleek, lightweight cordless hand blender does everything from mixing up a smoothie to chopping onions.

It is simple to use and has become my 12 year old son's favorite kitchen tool.  He loves making smoothies and has been making them with ease.  And I feel comfortable letting him use this gadget because of its safety feature.  It only turns on when both buttons are pushed (which can seem awkward at first) but you can let go of the safety button once the unit is running.

So far, I've used the Mixxo to puree soup and whip cream and love the fact that when I did make the whipped cream that the container came with a lid allowing me to store the unused portion.

The smoothie shown here was a clementine, banana---mmmmm tasty!

The Mixxo is very easy to clean as every part except for the hand piece can go in the dishwasher.  As far as storage goes, I keep mine on the counter but it can be mounted on the wall.

This is a Christmas, wedding or housewarming gift that is sure to please.

Disclaimer:  I was fortunate to receive the Mixxo to try out and review.  I did not get paid for this post nor do I feel obligated to write nice things about the Mixxo.  I really like it and hope that you will too.  Go to Gals nor the author can be held liable for any dissatisfaction you may have with any of the products we review.

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