Sunday, December 6, 2009

Getting Our Christmas Craft On

This week I had a few friends over for a morning of crafting (I do this every year with 4 or 5 friends). In the past we've decorated ornaments, beaded candled holders, etched glass, made flower arrangements, etc. It is always a fun way to kick off the holiday season.

This year the project....Christmas garlands. Our inspiration was our local florist who sells beautiful Christmas decorations for a hefty price tag. They have some lovely garlands but we knew we could make them for a fraction of the cost. I had actually been there last year with my mom (the queen of craft) and she was the one who said "those would be so easy to make." And she was right!

Using silk poinsettias, glittering foliage, silver & gold ornaments, and an inexpensive garland (just $2.99) the ladies got to work (all the supplies were purchased at Michaels for under $150.00) and look at the wonderful creations we made (5 garlands to be exact plus a bunch of leftover supplies)!

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