Sunday, November 22, 2009

Swag-a-licious ala SVMOMS.COM

My partner blogged on our sister site, ParentGrapevine, about our recent invitation to a wonderful networking and holiday party hosted by SVMOMS and made possible by numerous sponsors including Nintendo, Hewlett-Packard, Olive Smart, Bosch, GM and a host of other companies. For a complete list of the companies we got to meet with, chat it up with and obtain wonderful products to test and review, check out the SV Moms Group Holiday Coupon and Product Guide. You can even enjoy some discount coupons by clicking on the link above.

There were a few standout products that my family enjoyed immediately. In no particular order, but widely appealing to them is the new Nintendo Wii Fit Plus game, which expands upon our Wii Fit that we purchased last Christmas and have enjoyed as a family. Even my 82 year old mother has been able to bowl and balance with the grandkids. Wii Fit Plus has some fun activities that really help you build up a sweat and get a nice little work out in. While you did have a personal trainer with the original Wii Fit, you now have a more customizable trainer and fitness plan including a calorie counter and "METS", a new feature that tells you how many calories you can burn depending on the activity you choose. There is also a new "Fit Credit" which charts out and displays your credits for the length of time you spend on a particular activity. There's also a "Favorites" section that lists your last 10 selections you played. Needless to say, my daughters are Nintendo junkies. In addition to Wii Fit Plus, they thoroughly enjoy the Harry Potter games which enable you to pretend you can be a wizard wonder and pal around with Harry and Hermoine.

The next product I used immediately were the Olive Smart reusable sacks that slip easily in your purse so you never forget to have them on hand when grocery shopping. They are made of supplex nylon, which are durable, and can hold 20% more than a standard plastic grocery bag. They are designed to fit in your car cup holder so you never forget to bring them when you go shopping. Mine fit easily in my handbag. They come in a variety of colors and besides helping the environment every time you shop (which can account for a dozen or more bags a week), you can also get cash back if you ask for it at stores like Target and Safeway. Those stores give between three cents to a nickel per bag you bring. It adds up and usually I just drop those extra pennies into the donation bucket they have at the store.

The next item I have enjoyed are the Marie Veronique Organic products. We each got a nice bag filled with some of her favorite products including Repair Serum, for deep hydration. I dab a tiny amount under my eyes and it provides a nice moisture seal for the rest of the day. We also got a small bottle of Complexion Lightener, which I'm trying but have not seen immediate results yet. With my Asian skin I tend to get sun spots, known as hyperpigmentation. I'll see if this helps lighten them a bit. It does say it takes two weeks for affects to be visible, I have not used it that long yet. But if not, the Creme de Soleil Tinted is a very nice moisturizer with a slight tint to hide those noticable sun spots, provides a sun screen and leaves a nice glow to the skin. All her products use only the best ingredients, ones that are known not to harm, and where possible, are natural, and from local resources.

My blogging partner and I also got free tickets to see Wicked, a play we've both been wanting to see at the Orpheum Theater in San Francisco. We're lucky enough to live near a city that has been playing Wicked to packed houses ever since it came out. Wicked is the spellbinding, untold story of the two witches from the Wizard of Oz, before Dorothy's time. Tickets are available on line, and if you have a large group of 20 or more take advantage of the group discount. We can't wait to see it, we'll tell you more after we do!

Stay tuned as we write about our screening of the Curious George holiday special on local PBS stations. We're going to have a movie party in the coming week to get the reaction from our neighborhood children, courtesy of PBS Kids and 360 Public Relations.

Check back as we write about more of wonderful SVMOMS.COM swag in the coming weeks!

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