Thursday, September 17, 2009

Re-Activeion - New Winner

Last June we wrote about our experience with a new product called Activeion. Activeion is a cleaning tool which takes your oridinary tap water and flows it through a water cell in the bottle which applies an electrical charge to it. Thus the "ion-ization". It creates an oxygenated mix of postive and negative nano-bubbles which lift dirt and stains like magic. Pretty scientific, you say? Well once you use Activeion to clean around your house, you are hooked for good. Out goes the 409 and Windex, and everyone from Grandma to toddlers can have fun. And that's another thing - even toddlers can use this because it does not use any toxic chemicals. It's even safe to spray the Activeion particles in your mouth - it is just water - super oxygenated and sterile!

The team at Activeion have been generous enough to provide three bottles for us to giveaway to our readers. We presented our first two lucky winners in July. We just presented our third winner yesterday. Already she is thrilled with how 'streak-free' it leaves her windows and countertops. She's spreading the word to friends who have children with allergies and asthma which are aggravated by household cleaning products.

Our other winners have provided us with unique ways they use their Activeion in around the house:

1. As a cooling mister on those super hot sports games (great for soccer games)
2. As a plant mister, to both clean the leaves and provide moister to the plant
3. For emergency bad hair days!
4. To re-wet your clothes when ironing

So, there are a bunch of great ways to use the Activeion tool besides just for cleaning. We love our Activeion. Sorry 409, but we're not going back.

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  1. This would be a GREAT thing to have in the classrooms to clean all the desks! It would be much better than all the wipes that we use!


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