Sunday, August 30, 2009

Giveaway! Versatile Name Plates: For Babies to Grandparents!

Are you looking for a fun, personalized gift for someone, such as a your new baby niece or nephew, or even for your grandparent? Well, if so, have we got that gift for you!

Check out these personalized license plates by a new design company called SFMODO They are made of extremely durable plastic and measure a generous 7.5 x 4 inches. These are not the same as those bicycle license plates you see at souvenir shops made out of flimsy metal. These are durable, hand-crafted and personalized name plates that mimic the license tags for your state.

Originally designed to identify and highlight a child's stroller (how often have you seen the same brand stroller parked while on vacation at Disneyland, the park or shopping mall) only to realize it wasn't yours? So many strollers look the same these days.

Not only are these license plates ideal for strollers but a friend of mine had a great idea to get one of these for her mother-in-law's walker. Her mother-in-law lives in a large retirement community where all of the residents have their meals in a dining hall. There you will see dozens of walkers - all the same brand and model, but the residents have to distinguish them by adding a ribbon or tape. These name plates will do the trick of identifying which is yours. And you can even come up with a funny logo or nickname like you see on vanity plates. How about "Hot Mama" for your grandmother, or "Sugar Daddy" for your uncle? Seriously, you can have as much fun coming up with a unique name and make it personal.

We will be giving away two name plates this week worth $20 each! Please give us your feedback on these and tell us your creative idea on other ways they can be used.

1. Stroller plates
2. Walker plates
3. Golf cart
4. Scooter
5. Child's electric car

We'll have a random drawing for two lucky winners on Saturday September 5th. If you're our lucky winner you will get to personalize a license plate for your loved one!


  1. These are fantastic! Even for a kids bedroom door. Instead of MAR 2009 could she put the kids Birthday month and Grace NOV 1998.

    I have a friend that designs and personalizes dinner plates. We have a set of five with a bicycle wheel saying, "Grace love to ride."


  3. Sounds like a great gift idea. I'm considering buying them for my grandchildren's rooms (i.e. Phillip's Room, etc.) Kids like to see their names in print.

  4. Very cool ... I like the idea of having the month/year be the child's birthday for a room/door plaque (or new baby gift for the stroller).

  5. Great ideas! How about attaching on our traveling bags. My kids' swim in the swimming team for the summer and I think this is great if we could attach or sew it in the four available holes to the swimmer duffel bags. (Sample plates: Go Sharks! or the swimmer names). We can also hang it on any tents...

  6. this is a great idea! I know my stroller is always lost in the sea of strollers at the play areas.

    Another idea is to put them on my kids cozy coupes. They are always fighting over which one is theirs, so the name plates would be perfect for them.



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